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McDermott Energy has pioneered a third party funding solution for customers looking to defer the capital cost of our systems. While the initial cost of installing renewable technologies can be higher than conventional equipment, the running cost savings can be substantial. Furthermore, in many circumstances we are able to lock in generous tax incentives, subsidies or grants. Increasing numbers of our customers find an approach that allows them to effectively convert capital costs into annual expenditure very attractive, especially as they still enjoy the significant benefits of energy saving and carbon reduction.

What we offer is a long term contract, which constitutes a fixed annual charge per kWh of heating and cooling delivered from the system. Installation, maintenance and performance optimisation are all covered by the payment eliminating project risk and reducing exposure to fuel and carbon market fluctuations. Typically we are looking to fund over a 20-25 year period, the life of our equipment, but we are happy to consider shorter terms where appropriate.

Our innovative approach to renewable energy technology and funding solutions, along with our comprehensive service, means we are widely recognised as being best in sector. These strengths have allowed us to form strong relationships with our customer base

McDermott Energy possesses unique commercial and technical expertise in developing sustainable and highly efficient on-site energy solutions. We leverage advanced tools, models and technologies to assist property owners, developers, municipalities and government agencies with integrating onsite energy solutions that lower costs, manage energy commodity price risk and reduce carbon footprints.

Installing onsite and distributed energy solutions is a complex process, involving in-depth analysis, engineering, utility integration, environmental planning and an extended construction time. With many systems being part of existing facility retrofits, managing the construction process in an operating, occupied environment presents its own series of challenges. Our team provides management and oversight of the entire process, from engineering and pre-construction through final system commissioning and optimization.

We provide "whole-system" turnkey service for on-site cogeneration and strive to maximize the efficiency and reliability of energy-producing assets by providing quality operations and maintenance services.

We focus on:

  • Achieving O&M integration
  • Reducing long-term costs
  • Optimizing plant performance
  • Coordination of all subcontractors
  • On-going monitoring, performance and upgrades
  • Commodity procurement support

Our team is ready and able to custom tailor a service solution that works for you, whether it's comprehensive on-site operations and maintenance, or remote-monitored off-site service with regular maintenance protocols and emergency response.