Graduate Recruitment

McDermott Group actively looks to recruit high-potential graduates, either straight from university or those with a few years' relevant work experience, to help us meet the ongoing needs of our business that McDermott operates in.

We then develop our graduates by putting them on tailored development plans, training them in all the necessary technical and behavioural competencies needed to make them part of the highly-skilled workforce. This has been designed to give individuals a full understanding of the way we work while developing our potential future leaders.

During development, ambitious graduates are under the guidance of a manager responsible for their training and development. Mentors are also appointed, where appropriate, to help and encourage graduates through to professional qualifications.

While undergoing initial placement, graduates are placed in various roles throughout the business to help us further identify subsequent placement plans according to the needs of the group and the competencies gained so far by the individual graduate.

Starting salaries will normally be set between a minimum and maximum level, with the initial salary reflecting type of degree, experience and current market factors.

McDermott Group also offers full-time employment to graduates following graduation who have successfully completed placements with us as part of their degree. Students doing this are also given paid employment by the company during university holidays.