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Charitable Donations

An overview of our policy on donations to charity

The McDermott Group Ltd is a leading privately owned collection of diverse and dynamic forward thinking companies operating throughout Scotland.

Our charitable support is designed to reflect our business distinctives.

Energy and sustainability

Registered charities which genuinely (and charitably) promote a sustainable future for our planet; we might benefit from their research, development and training.


Registered charities which enable excluded people in our society to develop skills; or charities which encourage learning and development; and particularly where our business, through our people, might extend or deepen our involvement with local communities.


Teamwork is at the heart of everything we do and we are keen to support local sports clubs.

Support for employees

Employees who give their money and especially their time for registered charities – mainly by parallel or matching donations. This reflects our respect for our peoples own generosity. 

Good Causes

We especially welcome creative or innovative charities needing to establish themselves where our support can make a big difference.


To propose a charitable donation, or to comment on this policy, please write to