Investment Criteria

Having started and grown many successful businesses ourselves, we know what it takes to build something great. That's what makes us great business angels. We've been there and done that, now it's time for us to help new businesses dominate their markets.

If you're currently seeking investment, please get in contact today, don't wait. Just make sure to read our criteria below before getting contact to make sure we're a good match.

We are looking for...

Businesses with potential for high growth

We like game-changing business ideas that disrupt their industry. Solving a genuine problem, or greatly improving on other solutions is key. We also need to see a business model that shows high growth potential.

Entrepreneurs with a successful background.

We’re looking for people who have been there and done it in the past. Whether it was starting a business, being an elite sportsman or having a successful career - the best entrepreneurs are high-achievers in anything they do. If you are looking for investment, you need to show us you have the drive and ambition to get where you want.

Entrepreneurs who have great knowledge of their market

Do you know your market inside out? What about your competitors? Experience of your industry/market or a genuine depth of knowledge and passion for how things work are essential. You must be able to demonstrate the hours of research you've done, or your experience, as without this we believe you cannot achieve the greatest possible success.

Proven demand for a product or service

What makes you believe that your product or service is better than the alternatives to the end user? We look for game-changing businesses. Your product either needs to solve a genuine problem faced by consumers or it needs to be a significantly better proposition than what’s already available. You also need to prove to us there's a hungry crowd for your product - a set of customers that are willing to pay for your product.

A plan for the invested capital

We want to make a difference to your business, so we need to make sure that the investment we put into your business will make a difference, accelerate growth, and ultimately add substantial value.

UK-based businesses

There is an abundance of great entrepreneurs in the UK with great ideas. With our experience starting and running businesses in the UK, we feel we can add the most value to businesses that are based here. Trading world-wide is great, but as UK-based business angels, we can add most value to you if your management team is based here.