Shaking Hands

Interested in Becoming a Mentor/Co-investor?

Have you started a business and achieved a successful exit or two? Have you had a fulfilling career in the corporate world? Do you want to help the next generation of entrepreneurs achieve their dreams?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions we want to hear more from you

What Does a Mentor Do?

A mentor is a successful businessperson or entrepreneur with a proven track record, who possesses the desire to help an up-and-coming entrepreneur grow their business and fulfill their potential.

The Benefits of Becoming a Mentor

  • Have a say in big business decisions (without the long hours). Being able to play a major part in a company’s high-level strategy and development, without having the headache of day-to-day operational issues.
  • Work with great people. We set the bar high for the businesses we invest in; only resourcing those we believe can become world-class. Mentoring one of our portfolio companies will give you the chance to engage with a talented entrepreneur on a regular basis. Working with this entrepreneur will expose you to the state of the art in the chosen industry, expanding your knowledge and horizons as you expand the entrepreneur’s.
  • Sharing your experiences. Being able to share your knowledge to help someone else make the most of their talent. This will maximise the business’ potential and as a result assist in allowing the entrepreneur to realise their ambitions.
  • Financial reward. We offer generous remuneration to our mentors, often in-line with their partner business’ success. For those mentors who are interested, we also provide opportunities to co-invest and get involved with McDermott’s Due Diligence processes.

The Characteristics of a Good Mentor

  • Highly successful. The best mentors are the ones who have been there and done it, whether starting and running their own business or being successful in someone else’s.
  • Challenging the mentee. Every conversation with the mentee is an opportunity to aid their development by probing their knowledge and decision making methods. Your ability to provide an alternative perspective on the mentee’s business will be key to its ultimate success.
  • A good understanding of how people work. Which buttons to press, how to get the most out of people. How to keep positive.
  • Involved, yet still hands off. It’s important that the mentor appreciates their role. You’re not a dictator, you’re a mentor, you’re present to answer questions and probe, but not to run the business.
  • Well connected. How can your network help develop the entrepreneur’s business?

If becoming a mentor interests you then please e-mail your CV to –